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Do I need my own equipment?

talleycenterThe Talley Center has racquets and balls for you to use. Once you realize you love the game, you might want to purchase your own racquet. Chat with other members to find out where to purchase a racquet. (Try Pickleball.com)

Cost to play:

$2 City residents

$3 County residents

What does it mean to 'Subscribe'?

Subscribing let’s to stay in the loop.  When someone creates a new Post on the site, you’ll get an email letting you know.  It’s kind of like the registration process, in that you provide an email address.  However, you can register, and even create Posts but you won’t hear about new posts created by others unless you subscribe.

Subscribe by filling in your name and email and press the Subscribe button.  The system will send you an email in about a minute, and ask you to click a link so it knows it wasn’t a bogus subscription, like you trying to subscribe your boss or something.


What does it mean to 'Register'?

When you register on the site, you’ll be able to create Posts.

To register, just press the Register button and fill out your name and email address.

That’s pretty much it.  Easy peezy!

How do I change my password?

It's fairly easy to change your password. First you'll need to get to your user profile.  One way to get there is to look for the symbol in the upper left hand corner that looks like a speedometer.  Hover over the speedometer to display the drop down menu, and pick "dashboard".  Once on the dashboard, look for the section on the left side menu for "profile". This is you profile record and that's where you can change your password.

You'll see a button there that say generate password, press it.  It will show you a very long geekie suggested password. Type right overtop of the suggested password, and change it to whatever you'd like, and most importantly, remember.

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